Service Areas

Commercial Litigation:
Arroyo & Asociados provides legal counsel in international commercial litigation. The firm has acted as local counsel for litigation related to breach of contract, commercial liability and strict liability litigation in the United States of America on different occasions.

Government Procurement Bids:
The firm renders legal advice in the field of government procurement bids, both in international bidding proceedings and in direct government contracting. Furthermore, the firm provides legal advice through the complete contracting process, including the preparation, filing and analysis of offers and the process of objecting the terms of the bid, appealing or defending an appeal of the award.

Fiduciary Services:
The firm provides its clients fiduciary services, including the drafting and implementation of Costa Rican trusts, and acting as a fiduciary for different types of trusts for credit purposes, managing of real estate or other assets.

Banking and Financial:
The firm acts as outside legal counsel for a large variety of banking and financial corporations in Costa Rica, providing both legal advice and notary public services in credit negotiations, court-ordered takeover proceedings and foreclosures. Its legal team has been counsel to a publicly funded private bank headquartered in Panama, with branches in Costa Rica, Bahamas, Miami, and the U.S.A. The firm has also been legal counsel to a Mexican owned bank with a branch in Costa Rica.

Real Estate:
Through notarial and legal services, the firm provides clients with a variety of real estate related services. These services include advice and preparation of documents for the purchase, sell, mortgage or lending of real estate in Costa Rica, as well as the complete Registry process.

Corporate Services:
The firm renders a broad spectrum of legal services required by corporations on its day to day activities as well as general legal advise to foreign investors. These legal services range from registry procedures to complete credit documentation preparation, and from administrative complaints to filing and handling of lawsuits before the Costa Rican and international Judicial Systems.

Notary Public Services:
The firm provides legal services for the certification of documents, including the certification of powers of attorney, articles of incorporation or any other corporate documents that need be filed or presented before the different administrative or judicial offices in Costa Rica.